Whether you want your business to operate at a new level or need a complex business problem solved, then you need an experienced partner with a Working Theory of how to get it done.

At WT we have experience in almost every information technology role and a record of taming complex knowledge, process and technical problems.

We create stability amongst chaos, then devise targeted tactics to overcome your business roadblocks.

Governance and Control

Get a grip on your technology costs and outcomes and your information flows, starting with some better visibility and control.

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Awareness and Advice

We can help you stay ahead of emerging technology, business tactics and laws, with relevant news and tailored advice.

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Project Management

Make bold changes, without the anxiety. We'll get it organised and keep you in the driving seat.

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Risk and Protection

We would like to see your business operating safely and reliably. Surround your business with trust and security.

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Reliable, Effective Services

Reanimate those expensive service contracts. Get the service levels you deserve.

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Investigation and Review

Does your information technology feel broken? Is it 'out' when you most need it? Conduct structured, ethical reviews and uncover opportunities for radical improvement.

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Clouded Costs

Can't get a clear view of your cloud computing costs?

Is that a visibility or a control problem? Maybe you have both!

Current cloud services generally have excellent cost reporting that is comprehensive and available in real time. We can help you structure your services to simplify cost reporting and make it line up with your business strategy.

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