Reliable and Effective Services

Reanimate those expensive service contracts. Get the service levels you deserve.

Very few organisations directly operate all of their information technology and services. Your organisation probably has at least five service contracts that you rely on day-to-day. Do you have those contracts on your desktop? Do you even have a copy on file?

When establishing a service contract, most organisations do not modify the terms to satisfy their business needs. Talk to us before you sign! We can advise on industry norms for your contract, and unconventional tactics that may increase its impact. We can translate the legalese for you, and highlight risks which might impair or negate your intentions.

If your contract resembles what Nigel Dalton describes as a 'shopping list for punishment', your service provider may be wasting a lot of resources on defensive tactics (which you're paying for) rather than moving your organisation to where you want to be. Why not get us to look at ways to better align their services with your business goals?

Are there service standards and penalties in your contract, but your business needs are still not being met? Our experience in contract management enables us to see what's missing and what terms are just not being fulfilled. Ask us to Investigate and Review the fulfilment of your contract, and you'll get a prioritised list of improvements to discuss at your next service delivery meeting.

Are you unsure if it will be worth the trouble to contract out some new work? We can invite a quick round of Expressions of Interest to compile Advice and Awareness for you on the state of the service market, and how you could obtain best value from it.